Possessed Dynamism Theater, 2013

Teaching | Research
Washington University in St. Louis
Undergraduate 4th Year Optional Studio

Catty Dan Zhang

Morgana Braga Costa Lima
Ivie Braga da Silva
Andrew Koh
Gloria Lustosa Pires
Cameron McRae
Elliott Petterson
Eric Zuckerman

The Atmospheric Animations studio intends to recognize the ambient complex environment base on the concept of each element in space as a figure of motion, being sensitive to a specific period of time. In response to distance and duration, our perception of space shrinks or expands. This studio will explore the capacity of modifying perception, as a way of thinking and making in design process.

The project of this studio is comprised by three phases – Observation machine design, as a tangible medium, to analyze and to shift dynamic perception pieces; Time editing, with scaleless abstraction of those movements interpreted with digital imagery in motion, to transit literal observations into atmospheric impacts; Multi-urban-theater prototype proposal, employing the animation studies and interacting with observers as animate objects, to create intensified dynamic spaces. Sound splitting and flipping, visual reflection or magnification collages, as well as the dancing spectrum of light – materialized through operable instruments from the beginning – were re-constructed within multiple scales in space and time, exceedingly challenging the limits of architectural design with unconventional responses.