Motion Lens(es), 2014

Teaching | Research
Washington University in St. Louis
Atmospheric Animations Seminar

Catty Dan Zhang

Joseph Boudreau
Nasim Daryaee
Deo Antonio Deiparine
Lixing Feng
Garrett House
Janghwa Park
Pucheng Sun
Yilong Wang
Hang Ye

Motion Lens(es) is a series of operable devices developed in atmospheric animations seminar, spring 2014, Washington University in St. Louis. With the notion of tracing and assembling the dynamism of space that beyond one's prediction, these projects derived from examining the interdisciplinary development of methods and devices for studying figures of motion, while proposing instruments that engage new technology products to trace the motion of a cat or a turtle.

With the awareness of motion, the students investigated media technology as an essential supplement to traditional disciplinary methods of design in this course. Motion Lens(es) prototypes explored various techniques of recording and constructing ocular perceptions with the aid of digital tools, comprehensive 2D measured drawings, 3D modeling and animation rendering.


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